Percy Undergraduate Grant

Lesly Avendano

Class of 2021
2021 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Lesly Avendaño is a proud Oaxaqueña and community-college transfer. She is a senior now studying Legal Studies. Throughout her life, she has advocated for minorities and even led a movement to support undocumented students. She is passionate about socioeconomic issues that affect her community. She has previously worked in research centered around the impacts of climate justice on womxn of color and Indigenous communities. She currently mentors community-college students, teaches law to youth, works for East Bay Community Law Center, and is passionate about working on her research project...

Corinne Biencourt

2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: Understanding the Modern Secession: The State of Jefferson

Emily Breay

2019 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: "Beyond any Shadow of Doubt:" Cinema Newsreels and US Public Opinion, 1942-1944

Tomi Jinhuang Chung

Class of 2022
2022 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Tomi is an ethnic studies scholar and sociologist who is curious about her cultural and built environment. In her interdisciplinary honors thesis project, she is studying the politics of youth identity formation, the ethnic suburb, and spatial racial formation. Her broader intellectual passions include: cooperative business administration, sustainable economic development, system-impacted trans youth of color leadership development, and the nationalist and anti- imperialist politics of the Global South. In her free time, she likes reading critical theory, laying in bed with her elderly cat...

Monica Gao

Class of 2023
2023 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Monica is a fourth-year student majoring in sociology, with a concentration in research methodology. Her research interests include immigration, race and ethnicity, and social movement. Her honors senior thesis focuses on the naming preferences of Asian Americans to understand assimilation. She has been awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Institute of International Studies Undergraduate Fellowship. After graduating from Cal, Monica plans on pursuing a Ph.D. degree in sociology.

Research bio: My research seeks to...

Meanna Gray

2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: Black Evangelicals and the Democratic Party: Intersectionality and the Myth of the Monolithic Black Vote

Lily Green

2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: Social Media and Democracy

Aaron Perry Hill

Class of 2023
2023 Percy Undergraduate Grant

I am a fourth-year student, originally from Forest Falls, California. I am a History major and Public Policy minor. The decision to pursue such coursework was fueled by my passion for the improvement of our Republic, something I have pursued via campaigning at the local, state, and national political levels. While this work has been illuminating, it has also convinced me that elected office is not for me. Instead, I hope to attend law school and begin a career in housing law in government or a non-profit organization. I am optimistic that my varied experiences...

Katherine (Katie) Kaufman

2019 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: REPURPOSED: A Documentary

Jacob Levy

2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant

Thesis: In-Group Solidarity or Out-Group Resentment?: Measuring the Foundations of White Punitiveness