Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients

Percy Grantee Makes History as Youngest Illinois Congress person, Nabeela Syed

November 10, 2022

We're proud to share that one of our 2021 Percy Grant fellows, 23 year-old Muslim, Indian-American, Nabeela Syed, has just made history as the youngest member of Illinois General Assemby. To read more about her election, click here:

Lesly Avendano

Class of 2021

Lesly Avendaño is a proud Oaxaqueña and community-college transfer. She is a senior now studying Legal Studies. Throughout her life, she has advocated for minorities and even led a movement to support undocumented students. She is passionate about socioeconomic issues that affect her community. She has previously worked in research centered around the impacts of climate justice on womxn of color and Indigenous communities. She currently mentors community-college students, teaches law to youth, works for East Bay Community Law Center, and is passionate about working on her research project...

Ella Smith

Class of

Thesis: Student Board Members in California: History, Impact, and Resources

Miranda Paez

Class of

Thesis: Oakland Ceasefire: Evaluating Ceasefire's Impact on Youth Violence

Katherine (Katie) Kaufman

Class of

Thesis: REPURPOSED: A Documentary

Emily Breay

Class of

Thesis: "Beyond any Shadow of Doubt:" Cinema Newsreels and US Public Opinion, 1942-1944

Lily Green

Class of

Thesis: Social Media and Democracy

Meanna Gray

Class of

Thesis: Black Evangelicals and the Democratic Party: Intersectionality and the Myth of the Monolithic Black Vote

Jacob Levy

Class of

Thesis: In-Group Solidarity or Out-Group Resentment?: Measuring the Foundations of White Punitiveness

Varsha Sarveshwar

Class of

Thesis: Leaders or Caretakers: Examining the Impacts of Ideological Diversity on California’s Legislative Leaders

As a UC Berkeley student, Varsha Sarveshwar dedicated herself to fighting for young people — in local politics, state politics, and student government. She aspires to a lifelong career effecting meaningful change in California through politics and policy, and she is excited to begin this career as a 2020-2021 John Gardner Public Service Fellow. As a...