June 7, 2016 Ballot Prop. 50

Proposition 50: Members of the Legislature: Suspension

Official Results

Available once the California Secretary of State has certified the election. This can take up to 3 weeks or more.

Yes votes: 3,766,852 (75.3%)
No votes: 1,238,521 (24.7%)

Proposition 50 would amend the State Constitution to authorize the suspension of a member of either house of the Legislature. The suspension would require a 2/3 vote of the members in that house. Rules for suspension and when it would end, would have to be set forth at the time of the suspension. The rules would require that suspension end on a specific date or that the House would need to vote to prolong the suspension.

Under the proposal, a suspension would prohibit the legislator from fulfilling any of his/her duties or powers during that time. He/she would also be prohibited from enjoying any of the rights of privileges of their office during the suspension period. Salary and benefits could be withheld during the suspension as long as detailed in the suspension resolution. 

Pro/Con Statements

Supporters of Proposition 50 say that the measure would allow the Legislature to hold Senators and Assembly members accountable if it is determined that they have done their job improperly. Supporters believe that taking away pay benefits will have a greater impact than any other punishment in restoring the public’s trust of government.
Those who oppose Proposition 50 believe the measure is misleading. They believe that citizens will be left without proper representation while their representatives are suspended. Furthermore, they believe that the measure will allow other Senators and Assembly members to seek political retribution and gain power over members who disagree with them.