Marisol Medina

Job title: 
Class of 2025
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Marisol Medina, a child of Mexican immigrants, is a first-generation college student. She is a second-year majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. She grew up in Inglewood, California, neighboring the city of Los Angeles, which inspired her to advocate for more equitable education opportunities in low-income areas as she saw how educational disparities impacted youth in her city. Inspired to bring change to her community, she spent her high school years heavily involved in civic engagement and social justice activism as an intern for the Invest In Youth Coalition Campaign as a youth organizer. Here, she directed community workshops and engaged youth in civic participation, and through a collective effort, the campaign was able to successfully establish a youth development department in the city of Los Angeles.

Determined to continue this trajectory at Cal, Marisol participated in programs like Democracy Camp and joined organizations like the Latinx Pre-Law Society and the Chicanx/Latinx Student Development Office. She has remained committed to strengthening her understanding of public service and became part of Cal in the Capital during her first year and had the privilege of interning at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C during the summer. During her time at Cal, her goal is to engage with enriching experiences that will allow her to take her advocacy skills and learn how to implement them into policy. She hopes that these educational opportunities will provide the necessary tools to think critically about legislative solutions to issues like deportation, education inequity, and housing instability.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Data Science