Name Job title Role
Ian F. Haney López Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Public Law; Director, Racial Politics Project Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Heather Harris PPIC Research Affiliate PPIC Research Affiliate
Peter D. Hart Chairman, Hart Research National Advisory Council
Kulsoom Hasan Democracy Camp in DC, Schaeffer Fellowship
Sayeda Kulsoom Hasan 2023 Democracy Camp DC Fellow Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Bailey Henderson Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Yvette Hernandez Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
Joseph Herrera PPIC Research Affiliate Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Aaron Perry Hill Class of 2023 Percy Undergraduate Grant
Charlotte Hill Synar Graduate Fellowship
Kellie Hogue Research Associate Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Christian Hosam 2022 David M. Howard Prize Recipient Howard Prize Recipients, Synar Graduate Fellowship
Kate Inman Class of 2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Jaclyn Leaver EGAP
Rebecca Jacobson Class of 2022 John Gardner Fellows
Molly Jordan Jacoby Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Fatima Martinez Jara Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento, Schaeffer Fellowship
Roxanna Jarvis 2020 Democracy Camp Berkeley Fellow Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean Vice President of Communications, DoorDash Matsui Center Advisory Committee