Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows

The Mountain of Waste: How Small Businesses Have Managed Food Packaging Practices During the COVID-19 Era(link is external)

Layla Dargahi
Layla Dargahi, Global Studies, Class of 2022

Internship Office: California Department of Food and Agriculture

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many restaurants to struggle as dining-in no longer became an option, causing a reduction in customers. Restaurants were forced to quickly adjust, resulting in a huge increase in disposable packaging for meals as most meal options were only offered as takeout. The op-ed explores the various effects of increased packaging in BIPOC Oakland based restaurants as they navigate costs, government guidelines, and other challenges to stay afloat.

2022 Matsui Center Fellow brings public service learning to life; Sam Greenberg says students need more voice in city politics, Daily Cal reports

October 19, 2022

In an October Daily Cal article, Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Sam Greenberg discusses the struggles and slow progress Berkeley has made in enforcing its 2017 Berkeley Bicycle Plan, as well as the need for more student voice in city decisions around public safety. Greenberg, the President of the student-led advocacy organization "Telegraph for People", laments, "Students are kind of treated as second-class citizens in the city...People think they’re temporary residents who don’t really deserve the same voice as permanent residents in the city, but since students are a third of the...