November 8, 2016 Ballot Prop. 67

Proposition 67: Plastic Bag Ban

Official Results

Available once the California Secretary of State has certified the election. This can take up to 3 weeks or more.

Yes votes: 7,228,900 (53.3%)
No votes: 6,340,322 (46.7%)

A "Yes" vote approves, and a "No" vote rejects, a statute that prohibits grocery and other stores from providing customers single–use plastic or paper carryout bags but permits sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags. Fiscal Impact: Relatively small fiscal effects on state and local governments, including a minor increase in state administrative costs and possible minor local government savings from reduced litter and waste management costs.

Pro/Con Statements

Supporters of Proposition 67 argue that plastic bags are dangerous to the environment, and that the measure will reduce litter, protect our ocean and wildlife, and reduce clean-up costs. They claim that opponents of the measure are funded by plastic bag companies outside California who are trying to protect their profits.
Opponents of Proposition 67 claim the measure is a hidden tax increase that will force California consumers to pay more for grocery bags. They say that large grocery store chains will keep tax revenue and no money will go to help the environment.