Name Job title Role
Peter Brightbill Senior Director of Government Relations, Wells Fargo Bank National Advisory Council
Mark Brilliant Associate Professor Affiliated Faculty
Ezra Bristow Event and Communications Coordinator Staff
David E. Broockman Associate Professor of Political Science Affiliated Faculty, Howard Prize Recipients
Marisa Buenrostro Class of 2025 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Daniel Bui Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento, Schaeffer Fellowship
Tatiana Butte Class of 2024 John Gardner Fellows
Antonio Caceres Class of 2025 Schaeffer Fellowship
Kelly Calkin Partner, Townsend Calkin Tapio Public Affairs National Advisory Council
Lily Nikole Greenberg Call Student Directors
Randy Cantz Class of 2021 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
David Carranza Class of 2023 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Sidney Carrigan Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento, Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellows
David A. Carrillo Lecturer in Residence; Executive Director, California Constitution Center Affiliated Faculty
Angelica Castellon Class of 2025 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Alma Castillo Class of 2025 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Jasmine Lozano Castillo Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
Lesly Castro Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Paulette Cha PPIC Research Affiliate PPIC Research Affiliate, Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Emily Chamale Hernandez Class of 2026 Democracy Camp in Berkeley