Name Job title Role
Shaily Bajracharya 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
Naz Balkam 2021 Matsui Washington Fellow Matsui Center Washington Fellows
Ryen Bani-Hashemi
Brad Barber National Advisory Council
Mustafa Barraj Student
Karen Bass
Annie Benn Synar Fellowship Recipients
Ariana Berumen 2022 Democracy Camp DC Fellow Democracy Camp Fellow, Democracy Camp in DC Fellow
Maxwell Bessard Student
Corinne Biencourt 2020 Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipient Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Terri Bimes Associate Teaching Professor Affiliated Faculty
Martin Bisgaard Research Affiliate Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Irene Bloemraad Professor of Sociology and Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Sarah Bohn PPIC Research Affiliate PPIC Research Affiliate
Barbara Boxer
Emily Breay 2019 Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipient Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Peter Brightbill Senior Director of Government Relations, Wells Fargo Bank National Advisory Council
Mark Brilliant Associate Professor Affiliated Faculty
Ezra Bristow Event and Communications Coordinator Leadership/Staff
David E. Broockman 2012 Howard Prize Recipient Howard Prize Recipients