Name Job title Role
Karen Chapple Professor of City & Regional Planning, Carmel P. Friesen Chair Affiliated Faculty
Yara Chaves-Andrade Student
John Chiang Former California State Treasurer Matsui Center Advisory Committee
John Chiang
Isabel Cholbi 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
Tomi Jinhuang Chung Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Megan Cistulli Muir Award Recipients
Jack Citrin Heller Professor of Political Science Affiliated Faculty
Daniel Cohen Assistant Professor of Sociology Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Megan Collins Program Manager Leadership/Staff
Mairin Culwell 2022 Schaeffer Government Fellow Matsui Center Schaeffer Government Fellows
Rozette De Castro Student
Mady Deininger Founder and President, Kismet Wines National Advisory Council
Shaina Desai Student
Mark DiCamillo Director Leadership/Staff
Grayson Dimick
Michael Dougal 2016 Howard Prize Recipient Howard Prize Recipients
John Aubrey Douglass Senior Research Fellow Affiliated Faculty
Pamela S. Duffy Partner, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP National Advisory Council
Yasmin Ebrat Muir Award Recipients