Name Job title Role
Pamela S. Duffy Partner, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP National Advisory Council
Samuel García Durá Class of 2027 Cal-in-Sacramento
Yasmin Ebrat Class of 2022 Muir Award Recipients
Maria Echaveste President, The Opportunity Institute National Advisory Council
Rosie Echeverria Class of 2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley, Cal-in-Sacramento, Schaeffer Fellowship, Washington Fellows
Aisha Elbgal Class of 2025 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Jasmine Esquivel Class of 2024 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Ivy (Jiayu) Fang Class of 2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Idyl Farah Class of 2025 Cal-in-Sacramento
Sandra Farzam 2015 William K. (Sandy) Muir, Jr. Leadership Award Recipient Muir Award Recipients
Irene Fernandez Class of 2026 Cal-in-Sacramento
Daisy Flores Class of 2023 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Erkki Forster Class of 2025 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
David Robert Foster Synar Graduate Fellowship
Paloma Foster Class of 2025 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Cybelle Fox Chair and Professor of Sociology Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Lauren Francisco Class of 2026 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Daniela Franco Class of 2024 Democracy Camp in DC, Student Directors
Sean Freeder 2015 David M. Howard Prize Recipient Howard Prize Recipients
Sean Gailmard Professor, Vice Chair of the Department for Personnel Affiliated Faculty