Annett Tamayo

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt
Placement Location:
Richmond, CA
Ethnic Studies and Legal Studies

Annett Tamayo is a rising senior from San Pablo, CA double majoring in Ethnic Studies and Legal Studies. Her career interests include ensuring that an equitable and accessible legal system is made available to immigrant and low-income communities of color. She plans to continue her education by pursuing a law degree and a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies. 

Currently, she is a research assistant for a professor in the Ethnic Studies department, where she conducts research on education equity and inclusion for students of color at an elite private high school in San Francisco. Through her research, she has focused on pushing for administrative change within the school system; she hopes to continue advocating for the needs of marginalized students within predominantly white spaces. Annett is also an undergraduate research apprentice at the Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law, where she conducts research for an organization in Chile focused on identifying human rights violations in the country.  

This summer, she hopes to learn more about how local government agencies work to ensure that the needs/voices of vulnerable community members are being actively represented at the municipal level.