Name Job title Role
Tara Slough EGAP
Ella Smith Percy Undergraduate Grant
Harold Smith Distinguished Scholar in Residence Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Jackson Smith Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Sinchana Srinivas Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
Ronit Y. Stahl Assistant Professor Affiliated Faculty
Darriya Starr PPIC Research Affiliate PPIC Research Affiliate
Maxwell Stern 2023 Democracy Camp Berkeley Fellow Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Kathryn Stine Digitization Project Planner Staff
Laura Stoker Professor of Political Science Affiliated Faculty
Paul Sweet
Paul Sweet Principal, U.S. Government Relations International Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Robson Swift Class of 2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley, Schaeffer Fellowship
Nabeela Syed Class of 2021 Percy Undergraduate Grant
Juliette Margaret Tafoya Class of 2022 Percy Undergraduate Grant
Luis Tenorio Synar Graduate Fellowship
Tess Thorman PPIC Research Affiliate PPIC Research Affiliate
Tina Thomas
Tina Thomas Of Counsel, Downey Brand LLP Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Riley Thompson Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento