Araceli Hernandez

Los Angeles Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
Political Science

Araceli Hernandez is a third year Political Science major specializing in American Politics. Through her experiences on various political campaigns in her home district, interning at the United States Department of Education in Washington D.C. and in the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education she has realized her passion for addressing inequalities and inequities in public education, specifically for underrepresented groups. After interning at the federal level of education, Araceli hopes to understand the role of education through the lens of local government. She hope to use her knowledge of Political Science and past experiences to eventually contribute to the improvement of flaws in public education.


Me with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl in the main office
Every Tuesday morning at 500 W. Temple Street, five actors convene on the dais for a final performance. I have come to view government work as a show. Not in a bad way, but a great way. I don't mean that people are makebelieving or pretending, in fact government workers are very aware of the real-...
Araceli Hernandez
If someone would have told me that in one week I would have attended four meetings, a historic permanent housing groundbreaking event where I sat behind prominent elected officials, and listened to the Los Angeles City Attorney speak, I would have laughed. However, instead of laughing, I was...