Courtney Sarkin

Senator Carol Liu
Placement Location:
Sacramento, CA
Legal Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Molecular and Cell Biology

As a first-generation college graduate and triple major in Legal Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Molecular and Cell Biology, Courtney is thrilled to have the opportunity to work on initiatives for equity in Senator Carol Liu’s office this summer. Her journey to the California legislature began when she was invited to the Capitol to support SB 967 in 2014 regarding new sexual violence policies. Inspired by the work of her peers and legislators, Courtney continues her work as a sexual violence peer educator and advocate for survivors. Through her research and experience with social justice activism at Cal, Courtney hopes to continue to create safe, equitable, and inclusive environments that ensure the health and well-being of all individuals and communities. She is actively involved in LGBTIQ and women’s health; specifically, she completed her Honors’ theses on lesbian and trans* breast cancer patients’ interactions with and understanding of the US healthcare system. As a passionate activist for underserved communities, she believes compassion and empowerment are central to achieving justice and eliminating inequities. Courtney hopes to improve how healthcare is delivered to and accessed by marginalized communities by highlighting their voices. When she is not learning about and reflecting on the intersections of law, health, and policy, Courtney challenges (and enjoys) herself by reading stacks of books, indulging in feminist media, and swimming/running her way around California.


Chris, Jenn, Krista, Siena, and I outside the Governor's office.
“Do you want to read my bill about gentrification?” Our high school intern asks me this as I’m watching the Republican National Convention and suppressing the desire to scream at the screen as the crowd chants “Trump, Trump, Trump!” I immediately shift my attention toward her, a mixture of pride,...
Cal-in-Sac fellows Jennifer Lang and Courtney Sarkin celebrating Sac Pride.
As I drove on the highway to Sacramento in my 22-year-old Toyota 4Runner to begin my first week in Senator Carol Liu’s office, I saw the dome of the Capitol building peeking through the skyscrapers through my dirty window. Butterflies flew around in my stomach. The heat was sweltering, but I...