Name Job title Role
Jacob Levy Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Jovan Lewis Assistant Professor of Human Geography; Founder/Director Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Gracielle Li Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Lily Nikole Greenberg Call Student
Linda Vada
Elizabeth Linos Assistant Professor of Public Policy; Faculty Director Affiliated Faculty
Goodwin Liu Associate Justice, California Supreme Court Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Devyn Lopez 2022 Matsui Washington Fellows Matsui Center Washington Fellows
Emily Ma Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Tom MacBride (Chair) Of Counsel, Downey Brand LLP National Advisory Council
Tara Madhav Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Madhumitha (Madhu) Krishnan
Madison Chapman
Mahshad Badii
Marcus Albino Student
Luka Marks Purchasing and Administrative Coordinator Leadership/Staff
Elliott Masouredis 2022 John Gardner Fellow John Gardner Fellows
Brian Matsui Partner, Morrison & Foerster Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Matthew Lisiecki EGAP
Maxwell Bessard Student