Edward N. Luttwak


Edward N. Luttwak is Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies of Washington  DC., Chairman of AP Fleet, (aircraft leasing), Dublin, Ireland, and is active as a consultant to governments and international enterprises. He founded and heads a conservation ranch in the Amazon. 

Has served/serves as a consultant to the US National Security Council, the White House Chief of Staff, the US Department of Defense, US Department of State, US Army, US Air Force, and several allied governments. At present he is working as a contractor for the Office of the Secretary of Defense OSD/NA.   

Has taught at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Has been an invited lecturer at universities and higher military schools in the US, UK, , China, Israel, Japan the Russian Federation and other countries.    

His book The Rise of China versus the Logic of Strategy (Harvard University Press, 2012), reflects an engagement with Chinese affairs that dates back to an extensive visit in 1976.  His previous books, which include Strategy: the Logic of War and Peace and The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire have also been published in 23 foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Korean and Russian.  

C.V. Born in Arad, Transylvania in 1942, attended schools in Sicily and England, then the London School of Economics (B.Sc.Econ) and Johns Hopkins University (Ph..D). LLD Honoris Causa University of Bath (UK). Worked for some years in London and Jerusalem before moving to Washington DC. Speaks several languages.