Name Job title Role
Elli Abdoli Partner, Nielsen Merksamer National Advisory Council
Dick Ackerman Former Senator, California State Senate Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Alexis Aguilar 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellows, Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
Douglas J. Ahler 2014 Howard Prize Recipient Howard Prize Recipients
Alex Mabanta
Sarah Anzia Associate Professor of Political Science & Public Policy Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
James Araby Executive Director, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Western States Council National Advisory Council
Leonardo R. Arriola Associate Professor Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Lesly Avendano Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Ayuko Picot Administrative Assistant EGAP
David Ayón Research Associate Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Bailey Maher Student
Shaily Bajracharya 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Matsui Center Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows
Barbara Boxer
Brad Barber National Advisory Council
Annie Benn Synar Fellowship Recipients
Corinne Biencourt Percy Undergraduate Grant Recipients
Terri Bimes Associate Teaching Professor Affiliated Faculty
Martin Bisgaard Research Affiliate Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Irene Bloemraad Professor of Sociology and Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies Affiliated Faculty