Hector Rico


Hector Rico’s worldview is heavily influenced by the multicultural nature of being a border child. Born in San Diego and raised also in Tijuana, Rico has become increasingly interested in the arts, especially literature, and activist work. As an activist, he has focused on marginal communities, especially migrants, re-entry, and transfer college students.  As of now, Rico is on the midst of creating a Panamerican Latino artistic movement focusing on multiculturalism and the politics of acknowledgement. Rico’s goals for the near future are publishing two books, his ethnographic book on transmigrant narratives and his poetry book, as well as organizing a new transfer student movement in Berkeley

As an activist and a political science major, Rico’s main interests surround poverty, immigration, and the empowerment of marginalized communities — especially communities of color.  His activist work started during high school on missionary trips in Mexico which granted him leadership roles. By acknowledging the social marginalization that his community continues to face, Rico became an activist early on. By the time he was 18, he already represented and advocated for his student body as a Southwestern Community College student senator. Afterward, Rico was voted into the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. Today Rico is an activist and an independent writer for different magazines in Berkeley and abroad. Rico is interested in attending graduate school in order to create policy that will cultivate more inclusive and holistic approaches to development.


Hector Rico
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