Joe Pridmore

Governor's Press Office

Joe Pridmore is from Sheffield, England. A student at the University of College London, Joe is majoring in History, with an interest on all aspects of governance, and how culture, society and the economy affect and are affected by politics throughout the centuries. Joe has also married his interest in history with his interest in sports, researching and writing about the role played by governments in sport, and the impact of sport on society and culture. He has written essays on the history of Italian football and how the nature of fan hooliganism was directly affected by the economic performance of Fiat, and by the influence of fascism, while football in turn directly impacted governance, epitomized by Silvio Berlusconi’s ownership of AC Milan. Similarly, he has studied the resurgence of West Germany through their World Cup campaign, a symbol of pride in a recently divided state and a cause for concern over the return of nationalism. Joe was the former Sports Editor for Pi Media, the official University of College London student media website, and a weekly columnist for


Recently, anyone engaged in the world, regardless of where they come from, will have been unable to avoid discussing Donald Trump. As a Brit studying abroad in the US, I’m constantly asked how the rest of the world sees it, and I always reply the same way: we think the idea of a bigoted, ill-...