Korbi Thalhammer

Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks
Forestry & natural resources

Korbi Thalhammer is a first year student in the College of Letters and Sciences. He is focused on conservation and environmental protection, and is particularly interested in the intersection of scientific research and public policy.


While mapping social trails on the American River Parkway in Sacramento, I am often approached by curious walkers, cyclists, and other Parkway users. They’re interested in what I’m doing with my GPS and maps, and when they learn that I’m interning for the County of Sacramento, the main governing...
The slim ribbon of dirt I'd been following for a quarter mile skirted the edge of a bluff, ducked under a low oak and then dipped out of sight as it followed a precipitous line down the edge of a dredge tailing. I made my way down the steep slope of rocks that had been excavated from the American...