Luz Murillo

Federal Public Defender's Office
Placement Location:
Sacramento, CA

Luz Murillo is a fourth-year Sociology major. Before transferring to UC Berkeley, Luz was a member of the Solano Community College Speech and Debate Team and competed across the state, speaking on issues relating to human rights. Through researching these topics and advocating for change on issues such as police brutality, Luz realized the power that law and policy can have in creating long-lasting societal change. Once arriving at UC Berkeley, her interests in the legal field were solidified after interning at O'Brien Immigration Law Firm in Berkeley, a private immigration firm that specializes in asylum cases. This summer, she seeks to further explore other areas of the legal field by interning for the Federal Public Defender's Office. She will return in the fall as the Executive Director of the Latino Pre-Law Society at UC Berkeley, an organization that seeks to provide minority students with educational, networking, and leadership opportunities relating to the legal profession, and to empower them to pursue a legal education. Luz is passionate about ensuring that the legal field is diverse and that everyone has access to quality legal counsel.


It is no secret that the legal profession is one of the least racially diverse fields in the United States. That being said, it is difficult to conceptualize what the systematic impact of that reality looks like. What does it actually mean to have predominantly white prosecutors, but defendants of...
At the Federal Courthouse with the law clerks after their first appearance in court!
Sacramento is an ideal location for a summer internship. Working at the Federal Public Defender’s Office provides me with the legal experience that I crave, but also with the political atmosphere that keeps things interesting. The Federal Public Defender’s office puts me in contact with a range of...