Lydia Xia

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Independent Expenditure
Political Science and Legal Studies

Lydia is a fourth year pursuing a double major in political science and legal studies. She spent her first three years at Cal exploring the legal field, from her presidency in Law in Practice to working as a JusticeCorps member at the Oakland Superior Courthouse. Although these experiences brought her much personal growth, she realizes a career in law may not be for her. Lydia is looking forward to finally exploring the field of politics beyond her coursework. While she is in DC for the fall 2016 UCDC program, she will be researching the causes for political partisanship, specifically the role of money in causing the divide. She is excited for the new experiences awaiting her in DC. "I am really thankful to the Matsui Center for providing me with this amazing opportunity."


Nancy Pelosi with Lydia Xia
My time in DC passed like a blink of an eye. It only seemed like yesterday it was August and now the program is about to end in 2 days. I will admit I’m dreading the end not only because all the wonders in DC I have yet to experience but also, I have two final papers due in 48 hours. I guess even...
photo of Berkeley Bear button with White House in background
November 10, 2016. 11:31 AM ET I can’t even speak right now. It is 2 days after November 8th and I am still in shock. I will not be able to truly come to terms with the fact that a Trump presidency is now our reality until Trump actually leaves office. The past 48 hours has been a whirlwind...
Hillary Clinton having a good time at the debate (I was too!).
As the presidential election gets closer, I’d like to remind everyone to go register to vote! Almost everything is riding on this election. I watched the presidential debate and thoroughly enjoyed the slow deterioration of Donald Trump’s ability to hold his composure for 10 minutes as much as...
The White House
Right after my summer classes ended on August 12th, I jumped straight into finishing The West Wing, starting House of Cards and watching re-runs of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watched as much political TV shows as my body could handle to properly amp myself up for my semester in DC. I couldn...