Mark Bevir

Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for British Studies
UC Berkeley
Department of Political Science
Research Interests:
Political Theory, Public Policy, Methodology

Mark Bevir is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for British Studies, University of California, Berkeley. He is also a Professor in the Graduate School of Governance, United Nations University (MERIT), and a Distinguished Research Professor in the College of Arts and Humanities, Swansea University.

Born and raised in London, Mark received his doctorate from the University of Oxford. Before moving to Berkeley, he held posts at the University of Madras, India, and the University of Newcastle, UK. He has held visiting fellowships in Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the UK, and the US.  He has done policy work for governmental and non-governmental organizations in Europe and the US as well as the United Nations.

Mark's research interests in political theory include moral philosophy, political philosophy, and the history of political thought. His work on public policy focuses on organization theory, democratic theory, and governance. His methodological interests cover philosophy of social science, history of social science, and interpretive theory.

  • D.Phil., University of Oxford
  • B.A., University of Exeter

Authored books

  • A Theory of Governance, University of California Press, 2013.
  • Governance: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • The Making of British Socialism, Princeton University Press, 2011.
  • Democratic Governance, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2010.
  • The State as Cultural Practice (with R.A.W. Rhodes), Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • Key Concepts in Governance, Sage, 2009.
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  • New Labour: A Critique, Routledge, 2005.
  • Interpreting British Governance (with R.A.W. Rhodes), Routledge, 2003.
  • The Logic of the History of Ideas, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Edited books

  • The Routledge Handbook of Interpretive Political Science (with R.A.W. Rhodes), Routledge, 2015, forthcoming.
  • Interpreting Global Security (with Oliver Daddow and Ian Hall), Routledge, 2014.
  • Modern Pluralism: Anglo-American Debates since 1880, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
  • The SAGE Handbook of Governance, Sage, 2011.
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  • Links to many of Mark's articles are available at google scholar.
  • Alternatively, you might try the California Digital Library, where, when copyright allowed, Mark used to place pre-print versions of his papers. To see a list of the available papers, go to "advanced search" and enter "Mark Bevir" as author at eScholarship Repository.
  • PS4: Introduction to Political Theory
  • PS112c/212c: History of Political Theory: Modern
  • PS114: Theories of Governance
  • PS210: Philosophy of Social Science
  • PS213: Methodological Topics in the History of Political Thought
  • PS214: Symposium in the History of Political Thought
  • PS215a: Approaches to Contemporary Political Theory
  • PS215b: Topics in Contemporary Political Theory
  • PS284: Strategies of Contemporary Governance
  • PS291T: Research Workshop in Political Theory
Edited books and journal issues focused on Mark's work include:
  • Nick Turnbull, ed., Interpreting Governance, High Politics and Public Policy, Routledge 2015, forthcoming
  • Mark Kaswan, ed., Democracy, Social Science, and Governance, a special issue ofInternational Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior 14/4 (2011), 473-596.
  • Robert Lamb, ed., Post-Analytic Hermeneutics: Themes from Mark Bevir’s Philosophy of History, a special issue of Intellectual History Review 21/1 (2011), 1-119.
  • J. W. Burrow, ed., Mark Bevir and the Logic of the History of Ideas, a special issue ofHistory of European Ideas, 28/1 (2002), 1-117.
  • Editor, The Oxford History of Political Thought.
  • Coeditor, The Berkeley Series in British Studies.
  • Coeditor, Journal of the Philosophy of History