Megan Blanchard

Institute for Policy Studies

"My participation in the UCDC program was the highlight of my undergraduate experience at Cal. I was able to see the Sociology and Public Policy research I had learned in my first three years of coursework put into practice. As an intern at the Institute for Policy Studies, I assisted a research fellow in her 'Cities for Progress' project, which mainly included anti-poverty work and Federal Budget analysis. My office, only a few blocks from the White House, was welcoming and encouraged me to learn and get involved with projects that most interested me. With the completion of my internship, I have gained important professional skills, practical skills, and an understanding on how different policy research think tanks collaborate with other organizations to influence politics and make real change. Aside from the work I did in the office, I got experience all that DC had to offer; I explored the East Coast, met new people, and learned about new opportunities for the future. I would recommend a DC experience to any student interested in policy or politics."