Sarah Goldwasser

Office of Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom

Sarah Goldwasser is a Rhetoric major with a concentration in Narrative and Image at UC Berkeley. 

With an interdisciplinary educational background in literature, philosophy, and political theory, she is especially drawn to the intersections of communication and public service. 

Sarah has years of experience writing for professional and student-run news organizations, and was a columnist for UC Berkeley's newspaper, The Daily Californian. 

Last summer she interned at Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom's office in Sacramento, where she learned the ropes of political communications and writing policy memorandums for the Lt. Gov. She researched and wrote about a myriad of topics, including the University of California's proposed approach to defining anti-Semitism and Computer Science education policy. 

After returning to the Lieutenant Governor's office this summer as a Cal-in-Sacramento Matsui Fellow, she will be spending the fall semester in D.C. as a participant in the University of California Washington Program. 


california capitol building
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