Name Job title Role
Harold Morales-Navas Class of 2027 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Rachel Morello-Frosch Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Community Health Sciences Affiliated Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Kathleen Morris Resident Scholar Visiting Scholars and Research Affiliates
Yessica Mox Class of 2022 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC, Schaeffer Fellowship
Daniel Munoz Class of 2023 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Bianca Torres Murray Class of 2024 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Max Méndez-Beck Membership & Meetings Manager EGAP
Shelby H. Nacino 2014 William K. (Sandy) Muir, Jr. Leadership Award Recipient Muir Award Recipients
Amir Naranjo Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Laiza Negrete Vice President of Political Affairs, California Association of REALTORS National Advisory Council
Cindy Nguyen Class of 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento
Leslie Nunez 2020 Democracy Camp Berkeley Fellow Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Osagie K. Obasogie Haas Distinguished Chair and Professor of Bioethics Affiliated Faculty
Ashlyn Olah Class of 2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
Norman Ornstein
Norman Ornstein Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute Matsui Center Advisory Committee
Sebastian Orozco Class of 2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
Sarah Michelle Orozco Class of 2024 Democracy Camp, Democracy Camp in DC
Jenifer Lopez Osorio Class of 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento
Miranda Paez Percy Undergraduate Grant