Zachary Raden

West Oakland Toxics Reduction Collaborative

Zachary Raden is fourth year Sociology major with a focus in social movements and environmental sociology. Passionate about environmental justice and social theory, Zachary aims to address inequalities by working within academic/government institutions and by playing an active role in organizing within disadvantaged communities. He has been active within the various organizations concerning the Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany, such as the Gill Tract Farm Coalition, Occupy the Farm, and SEAL (Students for Engaged and Active Learning). By expanding outside Sociology into the field of Environmental Science Policy Management and continuing his role in both academic and environmental organizations, he hopes to bridge the gap between understanding social inequality and alleviating it.


Writing my final blog, I sit staring at my computer screen in reflection. In reflection on not only the surprises I’ve had over this summer, but also the unexpected journey I’ve experienced to be here today. Graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in May, this internship has been...
After my first week at the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP), I was eager to start my work and excited that it was so strongly related to my Sociology major. With my initial task of researching existing literature on ‘social cohesion indicators,’ I assumed there were studies...