Paul Mitchell

Vice President
Political Data Inc.

Paul Mitchell is the owner of Redistricting Partners, and Vice President of Political Data Inc.—nationally recognized bipartisan industry leaders in their respective fields. Mitchell has a Masters in Public Policy with a focus on urban planning and econometrics. For the past 20 years he has been involved in campaigns from San Diego to Marin, California to North Carolina.

Redistricting Partners brings together political voting behavior and Geographic Information experts, with the best data and mapping. The team gathered to help you include attorneys with years of experience with political law and redistricting, GIS experts, over 40 years of legislative and community advocacy, and a partnership with one of the nation’s best political data companies.

Redistricting Partners is currently contracted with several statewide groups helping them navigate legislative and congressional redistricting, and over 20 local agencies such as cities, community colleges and special districts as they conduct their redistricting.

Paul Mitchell has become a national expert on redistricting, appearing in state and national publications and was featured in a CNN Presents documentary on the State’s new decennial process. Paul was listed in “Capitol Weekly’s Top 100 List” of Influential People in Sacramento.