Title Author Year Publication type
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Strategy, Ethics, and the War on Terrorism Albert C. Pierce 2003 National Security
Documentary Supplements to The Gold and the Blue Edited by Clark Kerr 2003 UC History & Higher Education
Holding These Truths: Empowerment and Recognition in Action-Interactive Case Study Curriculum for Multicultural Dispute Resolution Nancy Erbe 2003 Casebooks
Budget Reform and Administrative Decentralization in the University of California Loren M. Furtado 2002 UC History & Higher Education
Berkeley at Mid-Century: Elements of a Golden Age Verne A. Stadtmna; et al 2002 UC History & Higher Education
Alternative Techniques for Managing Smart Growth, 2nd ed. Irving Schiffman 2001 Urban Studies & Planning
Making Government Work: California Cases in Policy, Politics, and Public Management Barry Keene 2000 Casebooks
Speaking Freely: A Scholar's Memoir of Experience in the University of California Angus E. Taylor 2000 UC History & Higher Education
On Parties: Essays Honoring Austin Ranney Nelson W. Polsby; Raymond E. Wolfinger 1999 American Politics & Government
Minoritized Space: An Inquiry into the Spatial Order of Things Michel Laguerre 1999 Casebooks
The Academic Senate of the University of California: Its Role in the Shared Governance and Operation of the University of California Angus E. Taylor 1998 UC History & Higher Education
Explorations in the Evolution of Congress H. Douglas Price 1998 American Politics & Government
History at Berkeley: A Dialog in Three Parts Gene A. Brucker; Henry F. May; David A. Hollinger 1998 UC History & Higher Education
Governing California: Politics, Government, and Public Policy in the Golden State Gerald C. Lubenow 1997 California Politics & Government
The Beleaguered College: Essays on Educational Reform Joseph Tussman 1997 UC History & Higher Education
The University and the Constitutional Convention of 1878 Peter Van Houten 1996 UC History & Higher Education
A Western Acropolis of Learning: The University of California in 1897 Roy Lowe 1996 UC History & Higher Education
The Speaker's Electoral Connection: Willie Brown and the California Assembly Richard A. Clucas 1995 California Politics & Government
Constitutional Reform in California: Making State Government More Effective and Responsive Bruce E. Cain; Roger G. Noll 1995 California Politics & Government
Economic Earthquakes: Converting Defense Cuts to Economic Opportunities Patrick Lloyd Hatcher 1994 Urban Studies & Planning
California's Practical Period: Cultural Context of the Emerging University, 1850's-1870's Gunther Barth 1994 UC History & Higher Education
The Origins of the Chancellorship: The Buried Report of 1948 Eugene C. Lee 1994 UC History & Higher Education
The New American Political (Dis)Order Robert A. Dahl; Austin Ranney; Richard M. Abrams; David W. Brady; Patrick Chamorel; Jack Citrin 1994 American Politics & Government
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Racial and Ethnic Politics in California, Vol. Two Michael B. Preston; Bruce E. Cain; Sandra Bass 1991 California Politics & Government
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Consequences of Party Reform Nelson W. Polsby 1983 American Politics & Government
Congressmen in Committees Richard F. Fenno, Jr. 1973 American Politics & Government
The Press and Foreign Policy Bernard C. Cohen 1963 BP3 Classics