Title Author Yearsort descending Publication type
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Negotiation Alchemy: Global Skills Inspiring & Transforming Diverging Worlds Nancy Erbe 2011 Casebooks
The History and Success of American Generals Thomas E. Ricks 2011 National Security
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More Votes That Count: A Case Study in Voter Mobilization Robert Benedetti, editor 2012 California Politics & Government
California Votes: The 2010 Governor's Race Ethan Rarick, editor 2012 California Politics & Government
Chief: The Quest for Justice in California Ronald M. George 2013 California Politics & Government
Governing California: Politics, Government, and Public Policy in the Golden State (3rd edition) Ethan Rarick, editor 2013 California Politics & Government
Remotely Operated Systems: Myths and Reality Norton A. Schwartz 2013 National Security
Boom and Bust: The Politics of the California Budget Jeff Cummins 2015 California Politics & Government
Reflections on Leadership from a Marine James N. Mattis 2015 National Security
Change from the Inside: My Life, the Chicano Movement, and the Story of an Era Richard Alatorre with Marc Grossman 2016 American Politics & Government
Business at Berkeley: The History of the Haas School of Business Sandra Epstein 2016 UC History & Higher Education
Modern War in Theory and Practice John Nagl 2016 National Security
Separate But Equal? Individual and Community since the Enlightenment Richard Herr 2016 History and Biography
California Votes: The 2014 Election Ethan Rarick, editor 2017 California Politics & Government
Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University: Its Past and Vital Future John Aubrey Douglass and John N. Hawkins 2017 UC History & Higher Education
The Icelandic Federalist Papers David A. Carrillo, editor 2018 History and Biography
Power Shift: How Latinos in California Transformed Politics in America David R. Ayón and George L. Pla 2018 American Politics & Government
Trumpism and its Discontents Osagie K. Obasogie, editor 2020 American Politics & Government
Swap Meet Vendors: An Exploration of Neglected Voices Pedro Adrian De Anda Plascencia 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Cannabis Social Equity: The Battle to Compete in a Competitive Marketplace Victor Vasquez 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Party Planning Businesses You Absolutely Need to Know About Allyson Velez 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Were they Enough? Cal Relief Grants Battling Gendered Unemployment in the Pandemic Erin Hamill 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Contract Local! An examination of San Francisco's Local Business Enterprise Program Joshua Kay 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
COVID-19 Relief & Recovery: Vietnamese American Businesses in San Jose's Little Saigon Jimmy Nguyen 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Asian American Small Business Owners: Inequitable Access to Government COVID-19 Relief(link is external) Minh Anh Van 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
The Mountain of Waste: How Small Businesses Have Managed Food Packaging Practices During the COVID-19 Era(link is external) Layla Dargahi 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Against Hate and Hardship: How Asian American Small Businesses and Restaurants Have Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic Kai Noah Serrano Eusebio 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
BIPOC Small Businesses: Surviving and Sacrifice Tanvi Saran 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Oakland’s Cannabis Social Equity Program: Reversing The War on Drugs Nabil Aziz 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
How Diversity Affects California Nonprofit Organizations Leslie Vasquez 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Paycheck Protection Program: Unequal Loan Distribution and Increasing Racial Disparities Michael Diaz 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Predatory Practices of Food Delivery Giants Against Minority-Owned Restaurants Nancy Kim 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research
Black Businesses Face the Brunt of the Coronavirus, but Where Is the Aid? Nyanga Nyandemoh 2021 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Research